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So you’ve seen this Reformer Remix class on Pilates Studio City’s class schedule for a number of month’s now. What is it and is it for you? Read here to find out!

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What is DaVinci BodyBoard?

By On September 16, 2015 · 1 Comment

Workout Indoors with DaVinci BodyBoard!

What is DaVinci Bodyboard? The DaVinci BodyBoard class holds up to 4-6 students on a board, utilizing resistance bands from all sides of the board for a full body and varied workout. Classes are fun and invigorating! You will see and feel the difference in your body, build cardio endurance and support weight loss. With […]

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September Challenge!!!

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tone your legs

Get in “back to school” shape and SAVE on your next package!!! We are giving $20 off your next package purchase if you take 15 or more classes in the month of September! Round up your PSC spirit and get into class! YOU can do it!

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Ouch! Help Pilates!

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Foam Rollin!

Ouch! Help Pilates! Pilates is wonderful for back issues! Pilates is able to help in back pain treatment mainly in two ways. The first is by strengthening your muscles and making them more flexible, while the second is through improving your posture. Pilates enables your joints and muscles to become stronger and more flexible. By […]

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    Wiggle your way into shape with  ZUMBA & NIA! ONLY $7.00  a class from August 11th-15th! Dance your way out of summer and into the school year with one of these classes: Purchase can made online or at the time of the class but space is limited so sign up now! No limit. […]

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Nia class

“INTRODUCTION TO NIA” A three-week workshop with Paula Chambers Nia (No-Impact Aerobics) is a beautiful, fun, SAFE form of exercise that gives you a great whole-body workout while delighting your soul and expanding your mind. Unlike other dance forms, Nia is about how your body FEELS, not how it looks. It is movement as sensation. […]

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Pike on the foam roller for a deep abdominal challenge!

Looking to add variety and challenge to your Pilates exercises? Read how the versatile foam roller can help release tightness in the body, improve your balance, and more!

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woman with poor posture

“Don’t slouch,” my mom used to say to me as she poked my side to get me to sit up straight. Many of us have been reprimanded from time to time for our less-than-perfect posture. And most of us begrudgingly comply, even with no concept of the benefits of good posture. We know it looks […]

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Building Community Through Pilates

I have always enjoyed Pilates for what it can do for the body. Recently I have had the privilege of seeing how Pilates can build a community and friendships.

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Join us in April for one of our Pelvic Floor–focused group classes to learn how and why you should strengthen this essential network of muscles!

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