Ouch! Help Pilates!

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Ouch! Help Pilates!

Pilates is wonderful for back issues! Pilates is able to help in back pain treatment mainly in two ways. The first is by strengthening your muscles and making them more flexible, while the second is through improving your posture. Pilates enables your joints and muscles to become stronger and more flexible. By doing so, you will be able to make them tough enough to withstand the strain and other stresses that happen as you are doing your regular activities. When your muscles are stronger, they can withstand injury better. When the muscles are more flexible, you have less risk of straining them when you contort your body into awkward positions. In this regard, Pilates would really help you in your back pain treatment.

Having stronger and more flexible muscles would definitely help in preventing back pain from occurring again. One of the leading causes of back pain is poor posture. A person’s poor posture, whether while standing or sitting, contribute to the unnecessary strain in the muscles that would eventually make them feel pain. A person who does Pilates exercises would be able to improve their posture because of the movements and training that they do. The exercises would make it easier for the person to stand straight, not slouch, and avoid other poor positions that contribute to back pain. Please note that if you just had surgery, you may be required to submit a medical release form from your doctor. Once you have received clearance, an instructor will then be able to work with you to begin strengthening and getting you back to your best self!

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