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joy in movement

How will you challenge yourself in 2017? Here are a few ideas.

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What is DaVinci BodyBoard?

By On September 16, 2015 · Leave a Comment

Workout Indoors with DaVinci BodyBoard!

What is DaVinci Bodyboard? The DaVinci BodyBoard class holds up to 4-6 students on a board, utilizing resistance bands from all sides of the board for a full body and varied workout. Classes are fun and invigorating! You will see and feel the difference in your body, build cardio endurance and support weight loss. With […]

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Finding it hard to fit your cardio in during this extreme heat wave? Check out our cool air-conditioned indoor cardio workouts!

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If you have not looked closely at our Combo Class Package Membership, read here to learn more about this amazing deal and how it will help you keep your workouts regular and varied!

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woman with poor posture

“Don’t slouch,” my mom used to say to me as she poked my side to get me to sit up straight. Many of us have been reprimanded from time to time for our less-than-perfect posture. And most of us begrudgingly comply, even with no concept of the benefits of good posture. We know it looks […]

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Join us in April for one of our Pelvic Floor–focused group classes to learn how and why you should strengthen this essential network of muscles!

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How would you describe your joints? Grinding or gliding? Creaky or smooth? Stiff, stuck, and grumpy? Or mobile, slippery, and happy? Well, not only can those joints hear you (so watch your language), but you can help pull them out of the daily grind and into free and happy movement! Take one of our featured […]

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Keep the Spring in Your Spine this February with one of our spine-focused mat classes! Learn proper posture and alignment for the optimal performance of your beautiful s-shaped spine.

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tone your legs

Throughout the month of January, various group classes at Pilates Studio City will focus on toning the booty and legs. This particular focus was requested by more than a few clients. We heard you and we are delivering! While I know that none of us, male or female, would mind having a shapelier lower half […]

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Nia, Nia, Nia

By On December 11, 2013 · 1 Comment

Nia Dance!

Nia, Nia, Nia. I often find myself thinking, “Wow, how is it that Nia is still so under-appreciated?” This question involves many factors for me and is the result of having been a teacher for several years, watching classes come and go and small groups of diehard students show up here and there. It’s kind of […]

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