Get Your Cardio Workout Indoors During the Extreme Weather!

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Cardio with Nia Dance!


Perhaps like myself, you have found it difficult to fit your cardio workouts in during the extreme weather. We’ve had 100-degree heat waves for weeks now and we are preparing for a year of El Nino-caused torrential rain. So how are we going to keep our bodies moving and healthy?

Come to the studio! We have plenty of cardio classes inside our lovely air-conditioned studios! Get hooked on these classes and you’ll keep yourself moving through El Nino too!

Remember, it’s recommended to keep your body moving for 150 minutes a week. Visit our studio three times in a week, and you’ll hit that goal, as well as earn some extra studio cash! If you fit 15 or more sessions in at Pilates Studio City (at either location) in the month of September, you’ll earn yourself $20 account credit! Benefits to your body and your wallet!

There are plenty of classes at a variety of times throughout the entire week that will get your heart rate up at our studio! They are perfect complements to your slower, more-controlled Pilates workouts.

Check out the Cardio schedule below:

8:00am  DaVinci BodyBoard Studio City

Great Cardio Workout Indoors with DaVinci BodyBoard!

DaVinci BodyBoard Classes

8:45am  DaVinci BodyBoard Studio City
1:30pm  DaVinci BodyBoard Studio City

4:30pm  DaVinci BodyBoard Porter Ranch

11:00am Barre Porter Ranch

11:00am Core Lotus Cardio Studio City
12:15pm DaVinci BodyBoard Porter Ranch
6:00pm  DaVinci BodyBoard Studio City
6:30pm  Barre Studio City
7:00pm  Zumba Porter RanchIndoor Cardio with Zumba class

9:30am  DaVinci BodyBoard Studio City
7:30pm  DaVinci BodyBoard Studio City

10:00am NIA Studio City
11:00am DaVinci BodyBoard Studio City
5:00pm   DaVinci BodyBoard Studio City
5:30pm   DaVinci BodyBoard Porter Ranch
6:00pm   Jump Board Porter Ranch

Cardio indoors with a Jump Board class!

Jump Board!

10:00am DaVinci BodyBoard Studio City
10:30am Barre Studio City

10:00am Zumba Porter Ranch
11:00am Zumba Studio City
12:00pm DaVinci BodyBoard Studio City
12:30pm DaVinci BodyBoard Studio City

11:00am Barre Porter Ranch
12:00pm DaVinci BodyBoard Studio City

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