Find and Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor in April

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Everyone wants to strengthen their core, but sometimes we are a little embarrassed to discuss a very essential element of the core: the Pelvic Floor! No need to be embarrassed! We all have one, even men! Yes, even men! A strong, healthy, and accessible pelvic floor is essential for everyone.

Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor!

Why should you care about your pelvic floor?

The pelvic floor, thankfully, holds all of our organs in place and helps increase intra-abdominal pressure.
It is one of the four sets of core muscles that create the “cage of strength” that resides right at the center of body.
A strong pelvic floor will relieve a lot of pressure on the hips, pelvis, and back.
Most practically, it contributes to continence.

So stop ignoring this indispensable network of muscles! Click here to read a variety of exercises you can do on your own to strengthen your Pelvic Floor, and then sign up for some of the many classes being offered in April with a focus on the Pelvic Floor! See you there!

Studio City

4pm Gyrokinesis with Lora
All month long!

7:30pm Level 1 Pilates Mat with Melissa
April 10th and 17th

9am Gyrokinesis with RayAn
All month long!

Porter Ranch

7pm Pilates Mat/Gyrokinesis Combo Class with RayAn
All month long!

9am Level 1 Pilates Mat with Jenny
All month long!


10:15 am Level 2 Pilates Mat with Jerin
All month long!

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