What Is a Reformer Remix Class?!

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Variety is the spice of life, as they say. And we wholeheartedly agree, especially when it comes to

Pilates Studio City group reformer classes

Pilates Studio City group reformer classes

movement and your health. Thus, we offer a wide variety of classes to keep you moving in a variety of ways with a variety of challenges. One of our most recent additions is the Reformer Remix class!

Equivalent to a Level 2 Reformer class in difficulty, the Reformer Remix class is designed to challenge the experienced Pilates client by incorporating a variety of props and equipment into the reformer workout.

While all our reformer classes are challenging and varied in their own right, they follow a certain flow and direction, generally starting with footwork and working through the body with various exercises. Our Reformer Remix classes focus particularly on changing it up: changing the order, combining props, and/or introducing different equipment.

For instance, your class may warm up with a few mat exercises. Or perhaps you’ll do footwork using the jumpboard and follow that with a blood-pumping round of jumping! Combining the foam roller and the img_8011rtreformer brings a whole new challenge to your balance. As space allows, the tower, wunda chair, spine corrector, bosu, and/or stability ball allow for fun and new combinations as well!

While these classes introduce variations to challenge you in new ways, don’t be intimidated. These classes are designed for clients used to a Level 2 Reformer class. If we introduce a new apparatus, we’ll carefully guide you through its safe and fun usage.

So if you are looking to shake up your reformer workouts, sign up for remix class. There are plenty of options during the week, morning and evening. And for shaking up your weekend workout, take Jana’s Jumpboard class Sundays at noon, a reformer class that uses the jumpboard for a low-impact cardio workout!

Have you taken one of our remix classes? Share your experience in the comments below! You can also ask a question about the remix or any other class on our schedule!

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