Pilates Mat vs. Pilates Equipment

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Pilates Mat and Pilates Equipment are fantastic workouts and complement each other. Pilates Mat is challenging because you are on your own and have to control and challenge your body with just that, your body and mind. The Pilates Equipment or Reformer is a great workout because you have the machine to support you and also the added weight with springs to really work on specific areas of your body and challenge it. People like them for different reasons and it is a personal choice. Doing both is the traditional way of practicing Pilates. The ideal practice of Pilates is three (3) times per week. However, you need to take into consideration – time, finances, stress level and burning out. We suggest starting with one session (100% more than you are doing now!) and adding more sessions when you can. You can also try a Pilates Mat or Pilates Equipment/Reformer class, providing you are approved to do so. You will see results quickly if you do more sessions each week. In less than one month you will feel and hopefully even visually see a difference! Everyone responds differently but wonderful changes will happen if you commit to doing Pilates every week! “10 sessions- Feel the difference. 20 sessions- See the difference. 30 sessions- Have a new body!” -Joseph Pilatesmat_holdingleg_250x200

Summer is here and we want to help you reach your wellness goals. At Pilates Studio City, we offer a variety of Pilates Mat and Pilates Equipment classes for every level.  Take a look at our class schedule and let’s get that body moving!

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