How Do I Get Started at Pilates Studio City?

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How Do I Get Started at Pilates Studio City?

The Initial Private Pilates Session is a consultation with a Private Pilates Instructor and also a workout! This session introduces you to the language and basic concepts of the “Core or Powerhouse” the Pilates Method utilizes. We recommend doing the Initial Private Session even if you have done Pilates before so you can brush up on your Pilates, get a great deal, and do a Private session with a teacher who will guide you to the right class for your level. During the session the instructor will assess your specific body needs and personal goals and begin to teach you the fundamentals of Pilates. Because it is new, you will be working slowly and it is a great challenge. Your instructor will recommend what the next step is for you, such as more Private Sessions, Mat Classes, Group Reformer, etc. All of the teachers we refer students to are highly qualified Pilates instructors and have been teaching for different lengths of time. Each teacher has a distinct style and personality and our goal is to help you connect with a teacher and be inspired to move. We promise to work hard in making that happen.

If you would rather jump right into mat classes, you will need to begin with Level 1. If you are a Pilates teacher or have done Pilates for a long time (maybe just visiting from out of town) and are confident that you have the language and exercises you may take a higher level. For Group Reformer classes, all new students to Pilates Studio City must start with an Initial Private Session or a Level 1 Group Reformer class regardless of previous experience elsewhere (exception made for Pilates teachers).

Nervous about doing the Initial Private Session by yourself? Don’t worry, you can invite a friend or family member to do the session with you. However, we do recommend that you do your own session because each person has unique issues and body types. After you and your partner have done your Initial Pilates Sessions individually, you can go right into semi-privates if you want to work together.

Get started today!

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