Your Posture Tells Your Story

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The one thing we humans have in common is that we all have a BODY.Posture!

With our technology-driven world and sedentary lifestyles, it is more important than ever to reclaim the design and function of our bodies. Most of us know more about the world outside of us, our work, athletic activities, the latest TV drama, and our smart devices than we do about our own human form.

Born into a body, we have our very own “time machine” that comes in many shapes, sizes, colors, and genetic dispositions housing extraordinary gifts and talents. It holds our emotions, injuries, our creative abilities, and athletic preferences. It is our vehicle that moves us through time and space from infancy to what we hope are our “golden years.”

Posture tells the story of the travels of our life journey. We did not just wake up one day with poor posture; everyday life sculpted it that way. We all know that we get better at what we practice, so becoming aware of how we are living in our bodies, through the movements of our everyday thoughts and activities, is one of the vital keys to healthy pain-free posture.

It is never too late to transform your posture!

What’s Your Posture Story?Authors of the Pain-Free Posture Handbook

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