Tis the Season…For Staying in Shape!

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Surrounded by all sorts of sweets, running in and out of airports, to and from large family meals, and during short winter days, it can be very challenging to stay in shape this time of year. Consider a few suggestions:

Of course, keep up your Pilates workouts! Not only will Pilates help protect your back and shoulders from pain and strain as you schlep groceries, gifts, and/or luggage, but it’s also a great, safe way to work out even when it’s dark outside! Be sure to take advantage of more cardio-intensive classes, like DaVinci BodyBoard, Zumba, Nia, Total Body Burn, and Jumpboard. If you’re traveling, plan ahead by looking up Pilates studios in your city of destination. If you’re heading to a remote, Pilates-less town, talk to your instructor about teaching you a few exercises you can do on your own.

Take advantage of your hectic days filled with errands by parking far away. You’ll be surprised how those steps add up! Once the family has all gathered together, plan family outings that are active and will keep you moving, like hiking!

Our nutrition goals are easily sabotaged by the delicious seasonal treats. Be reasonable in setting your food goals this time of year, recognizing the reality of the season. It’s probably not the time of year to lose weight, but perhaps you can set the goal of maintaining your weight. Drink plenty of water to help flush out the extra treats you might be having.

woman jumping outdoorsBegin to plan now for the new year, when you won’t be so busy and the days will be getting longer again! What are your health and movement goals? Be specific and make a plan for success. The new year will be a good time to increase your Pilates workouts since our next Gold Star Challenge begins January 1st! Sign up now to participate at the front desk!

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  • Maryann December 20, 2017 at 7:45 am · Reply

    Thank you for the great ideas Jenny!

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