Shining From the Core of Your Being

By On March 13, 2019 · Leave a Comment

Ever notice how you show up on time for other people, but when it comes to the commitments you make for yourself, for your own health and Committing to yourself.personal growth and career goals, you let yourself off the hook? Do you come through for other people but not always for yourself? How can you “boss” yourself, pushing yourself to go that extra mile, not just for others, but for yourself? Aren’t you worth it? How can you mobilize your core integrity to support your passion projects with the same tenacity you do your day-to-day grind?

This year my mantra is: What can you do to show up for yourself right now the way you would for your boss? This is how I am getting more done in my personal time. When I think about how hard I work at my job, it motivates and inspires me to go after my heart-centered personal projects just as hard.

While there is no sense in wasting energy resisting what we have to do out of duty, there is also no reason to let what we love most languish because of a misspent sense of discipline. We are at our most efficient when we devote equal energy to these oppositional forces, in the core of our bodies and in the core of our lives.

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