Private Bodywork Sessions now available!

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At Pilates Studio City, we’re focused on building better strength and alignment through movement. Part of that equation is removing tension from the body, which is why we’re so excited to offer private bodywork sessions with Evan, a licensed massage therapist and clinical bodywork practitioner!

Evan offers private bodywork sessions.

From his own experience of playing sports, recovering from sports injuries, and teaching others, Evan developed a deep appreciation for the body’s ability to move and heal. Bringing together mindful movement, clinical massage, and a variety of functional movement techniques, Evan helps his clients restore functional movement patterns, balance, and strength.

Whether teaching Gyrotonic or releasing tension through bodywork, Evan’s goal is to heal and help his clients become better, more efficient pain-free movers. His specialized areas of expertise include applications for scoliosis, tennis, and the elite athlete.

Evan is a certified GYROTONIC® trainer, classical Pilates trainer, certified Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization® exercise trainer and a licensed massage therapist. He studied under acclaimed healers Ruth Kramer, Jeana Iwalani Nalaui, Lynn Wind, Deana Juhann, and Judith Aston. Evan is also a graduate of the Maui School of Therapeutic Massage in Hawaii. He recently became a Nationally Certified Emergency Medical Technician, which allows him to offer expanded medical support to his clients.

Evan works with the following modalities:
Myofascial Release
Lomi Lomi
Deep Tissue
Sports Massage
Rice Release
Joint Mobilization

Evan is excited to start working with you and helping you achieve your goals! He is available for Gyrotonic and bodywork private sessions. Your first 55-minute session is $55! Rates range from $45-$85 after that.

Contact Evan at (954) 560-2510 or

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