Pilates Keeps Ruth Balanced and Young

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Meet Ruth!

“I am 72 years old and have been doing Pilates for 7 years at Pilates Studio City. I know that for an older body, Pilates is THE best exercise there is. Pilates has helped me with coordination, strength, flexibility and balance. And the BEST part is it’s FUN!”


Try this fun and simple way to improve your Balance!


  • Stand hip distance apart close your eyes, take 4 deep breaths and notice the state of your mind and body.
  • Open your eyes.  Lift your right leg from the floor and balance on your LEFT LEG. While balancing turn your head right and left. Pay close attention to staying relaxed in the rest of your body and observe how you do.  As you practice this if you want more of a challenge lift your  LEFT HEEL and rise onto your LEFT TOES still balancing then turn your head RIGHT and LEFT before you place your RIGHT foot on the floor.
  • Rate your balance performance on a scale from 1-10, 1 = could be better and 10 = outstanding!
  • Now, with both feet on the floor take your RIGHT hand and begin to TAP the entire LEFT SIDE of your body. ONLY DO THE LEFT SIDE- Start TAPPING the fingers on the left hand, then TAP all sides of your left arm, arm pit, rib cage and abdomen including your back on the LEFT side of your spine.   As you get to the left pelvic half and glutes, begin to use both hands to TAP down your left leg on all sides all the way to your left foot. Tapping back up the body on the LEFT SIDE back to the left side of your head.
  • Now, after TAPPING take a moment to notice the difference between the LEFT and RIGHT sides of your body.
  • Next, try balancing on the LEFT LEG again, turn the head RIGHT and LEFT adding the rise onto your toes if you want more of a challenge.  Notice if you have better balance, did your rating improve?  Now try balancing on your RIGHT side to compare……can you believe the difference?
  • Make sure to TAP your RIGHT SIDE now and improve your balance on that side too!

If you noticed a difference please share this exercise blog with any of your loved ones that you want to help with Balance!

Do this exercise before important business meetings, performances, interviews/auditions or before any physical activity to wake up the proprioceptors that live throughout your body. The TAPPING communicates with your nervous system to make your brain more aware of where your body is in space and therefore will influence greater ease and balance for whatever you are doing!



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