Nia Focus ~ Summertime Arm Rhythms!

By On July 9, 2012 · Leave a Comment

Have you ever noticed how differently you relate to each seasons authentic vibe? If summer were to coordinate into a song & a dance can you imagine all of the melodies, harmonies, percussion & shapes it would take?

When you are out in the world take a moment to use the intimacy of listening & awareness of watching all the many sounds & movements of summer. Reflect on how that feels in your body and how it stimulates your imagination. For most of us, Summertime inspires a sense of well being & the spirit of travel & adventure! There is a buzz in the air to get into physical shape & to tone the body!

With this in mind, the Nia intention for the month is to stimulate awareness of systemic movement using the Upper Extremities; Your Arms! As we shake the water from the ocean off our arms, catch a baseball or throw a Frisbee use the rhythms of summer to focus on expressing yourself athletically, moving dynamically and adding your own moves to whatever you are doing. Bringing those experiences into class with you to deepen & enhance your Nia practice!

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