Be S.M.A.R.T. & Set Goals!

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Ready to get into incredible shape and have the best year of your life?

Follow these six simple secrets to live the life that you love!

Be “S.M.A.R.T.” about setting your movement and wellness goals!!

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Secret number one

The first and most important Secret is to have a clear frame of reference of where you are NOW. You have to know where you are in order to know that you have made a change!

Getting started Exercise: Take a moment to look at your life right now with fresh eyes and full senses. How does your life look, feel, taste and sound to you? What does your body have to say about your career, the love in your life, the food you are feeding it, the stress you have come to tolerate and the pleasures you experience? Is your self-talk helping or hurting you?

Write down where you are now and what you would like to focus on.

The next 5 Secrets are SMART guidelines to support you in accomplishing your goals!


Secret number two

S= Specific

In order for a goal to be achievable, it needs to be specific. What exactly do you want to accomplish? Being clear about what type of goal you are setting will directly affect the outcome. These are guidelines for three basic types of goals to keep in mind.

OUTCOME GOAL: focuses on achieving a specific result such as getting a job or winning a competition. Outcome goals can be tricky as it can cause undo stress by putting a lot of pressure on perfection!

PERFORMANCE GOAL: compares your results with previous results achieved by yourself. An example of this is you set a goal to run a marathon faster than your training time. Your performance objectives are independent of others!

PROCESS GOAL: Is about participating in an experience and enjoying the process. These goals are often kinesthetically oriented and focused on how you perform certain movements and how it feels to perform them.

Secret number three

M= Measurable

A goal must be measurable and have a date attached to it or someway of quantifying that the goal has been accomplished.

Write it down as if it is already achieved!! You need to have little signposts along the way to let you know where you have come from and where you are going.

How do you know when you are there? Is it a number in your bank account, a plane ticket in your hand, the phone call that says you got the job, your pants fitting better, your arms are more toned?

As a guideline always set long and short term goals.

Secret number four


In moving toward a goal, it is useful to have strategic planning in place and someone to be accountable to.

Create a goal setting strategy consisting of specific ACTION steps to achieve your goals. Create a visualization or imagery script that you can perform. Imagine crossing a finish line or performing a Pilates teaser. Include what it looks like and feels like in your imagery rehearsal!

Make sure to choose someone that you can trust and that you feel supported and safe with. They will help you to make the appropriate course corrections that you will need to be successful.

Secret number five

R= Resonate

It is important that your goal is truly one that is resonant with you and will move you towards who you are becoming. It needs to align with your values. Your goals should be set by yourself and make sense to you! Check in with your heart, your goal should light you up!!

Secret number six

T- Thrilling

Goals should be thrilling-and even a little scary- it should feel like you can’t wait to get started! You want to set goals that make you stretch, calling forth new capabilities of power that you push you forward into the bigger life that you desire!

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