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Know your fifth line and it will do wonders for you!   Gyrotonic has so many benefits (too many to list, look it up!) but also it’s like moving meditation… I am so grateful for Pilates Studio City. They are a big part of me being able to walk again.  It is an ongoing daily […]

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Smart MEN do Pilates

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Why Smart Men Do Pilates My first Pilates instructor was male. My training instructors were both men, and some of the most known and respected Pilates masters are men. Let’s also not forget that Joseph Pilates was, well, male. So why aren’t more men doing Pilates? The first thing that most men say when you […]

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Years ago, a nasty ankle injury got my Pilates study under way. The reformer was the first piece of Pilates equipment I trained on when I began my practice.

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