Gyrotonic Journey… A Testimonial

By On August 1, 2014 · Leave a Comment

Know your fifth line and it will do wonders for you!



Gyrotonic has so many benefits (too many to list, look it up!) but also it’s like moving meditation… I am so grateful for Pilates Studio City.

They are a big part of me being able to walk again.  It is an ongoing daily challenge but they always know exactly what I need to do to continue to build strength, “rewire” nerves and muscles, teach other muscles how to work due to other muscles being compromised and removed, and more.

The fact that I can ‪stand tall‬ and on my own, am alive and breathing is a blessing in itself, especially after being told it wasn’t likely I’d make it!  It has been a long journey and will be one I continue on, but have so much support by real life angels in my life…


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