Why I Love the Reformer

By On December 23, 2011 · Leave a Comment

Years ago, a nasty ankle injury got my Pilates study under way.  The reformer was the first piece of Pilates equipment I trained on when I began my practice.  I loved how it allowed me to keep my body in shape while avoiding my injury.  Then, when I had healed enough, I was able to rehab my ankle back to health.

Now, as a teacher years later it’s still my favorite.  It’s the starting place when I begin with new clients because no matter their age, skill level, or physical shape there is always plenty of work to be done on the Reformer.  Also, the fact that you are lying down, pushing and pulling against the machine as you work provides comfort to new students.  The reformer is also my favorite because I can literally flow from one exercise to another, hitting all the muscle groups in a matter of seconds.  The reformer is also great and comfortable for pregnant clients.  They only addition you need for a pregnant client is a wedge pillow once they’re too far along in their pregnancy to lie flat on their back.

If you’ve only ever done Mat Pilates, give the Reformer a try!  You’ll love it!

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