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Surrounded by all sorts of sweets, running in and out of airports, to and from large family meals, and during short winter days, it can be very challenging to stay in shape this time of year. Check this blog out for some suggestions on how to maintain your health during the hectic end of the year.

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joy in movement

How will you challenge yourself in 2017? Here are a few ideas.

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new year sand 2015

Do you have a New Year’s resolution in mind? Is it health oriented? Read here to learn how you can set yourself up for the greatest success!

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I am frequently asked by new clients, friends, and family, “Will Pilates help me lose weight?” The short, direct answer is not necessarily. But will Pilates help you improve your figure and appearance? My own experience and that of many others say, “Yes!” Though we often speak of “losing weight,” most people are really more […]

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Be S.M.A.R.T. & Set Goals!

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Click below to start setting your Goals Goals Worksheet Ready to get into incredible shape and have the best year of your life? Follow these six simple secrets to live the life that you love! Be “S.M.A.R.T.” about setting your movement and wellness goals!! Secret number one The first and most important Secret is to […]

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