What Keeps a Brain Young?

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What can we do to improve brain function? How can we improve our memory and stay young mentally? A team at Keep your brain young by doing Pilates!Newcastle University set out to find the answer. What did they find?

A group of volunteers were divided into three groups. One group tested the effect of an oxygen-rich brain on aging by walking briskly for 3 hours a week. Another group worked the brain like a muscle in an effort to keep it young by attacking puzzles, like Sudoku and the like, for 3 hours a week. The last group took a 3-hour, once-a-week live art class. Everyone completed cognitive tests before and after the study, which lasted for 8 weeks, to see which activity provided the greatest improvement.

The Results

Everyone improved in their particular activity and somewhat enjoyed their activity more, though the art students were the most attached to their new hobby.

Additionally, everyone improved in their cognitive tests. However, the art students by far surpassed those in the other groups! Is there something special about art that keeps the brain young?

Perhaps, but much more likely is the three-fold attack that art class had on the aging brain: it provided a mental challenge to a learn a new task; it demanded physical execution as the students worked with their hands to draw (additionally they had to stand in the art class for three hours); and lastly as a group activity the art class provided social stimulus as well.

Keep your brain young in Pilates class!So if you are looking to keep your brain young and agile, take up a new activity that forces you to interact with others while working your mind and your body.

Pilates, NIA, or Zumba, anyone?

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