Walking My Way to Better Health: The Avon Walk & Pilates

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A friend of mine recently decided that she needed to do something in the face of her mother’s breast cancer. After much research and self-pep talk, we decided to sign up for the biggest breast cancer walk we could find: the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, a 39.3-mile walk that requires its walkers to each raise $1,800.

My friend, our team, and I have spent most of 2012 raising funds and training in preparation for this walk. In addition to the emotional benefit of taking action against a horrible disease and the overwhelming support that friends, family, clients, and co-workers have sent our way, I have discovered how powerful a tool walking is in our search for better health.

When I began training for the walk, I knew that my regular training would have its benefits; after all, movement is good for the body. But as an active person (running regularly and keeping my core in good shape!), I did not expect the immediate and sizeable results that walking delivered. I began with short, speedy walks that lasted under an hour, and within only a few weeks my pants were looser! These results grew as the length and intensity of my walks likewise grew.

Better-fitting clothes, a stronger body, and longer stamina were some of the benefits that my team and I enjoyed. In addition, we were each forced to acknowledge and address those little aches and pains that we had been ignoring. One teammate discovered the beginning of arthritis in his knee, and through regular Pilates sessions with me, his knee has vastly improved. He completed a training walk of 20 miles this past week virtually pain-free.

Another teammate began developing a weird pain in her foot. After meeting with her podiatrist, we created a plan to create better support and strength in her arch and alignment in her knees. With regular Pilates sessions and custom orthotics, my teammate no longer feels any pain in her foot.

My third teammate has excellent arches and feet, and yet she continued to feel pain in her back while walking. Having been told that it is due to a weak back, she has committed herself to regular Pilates sessions, and her back has been lasting much longer during our long training walks.

My team and I have enjoyed the vast benefits we discovered from simply walking. With a training schedule and a goal, our progress is clearly visible. More importantly, we have enjoyed a renewed dedication to our health (and, by association, Pilates!) and the health of those who will benefit from the funds raised by this walk.

It will be a great moment of pride when my team and I walk through the finishing line on September 23rd in Santa Barbara. Thank you to all my Pilates Studio City clients and co-workers that have encouraged me and supported the cause along the way!

Check out Jenny’s Avon Walk Webpage!

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