Nia Focus ~ Harvesting Your Inner Knowing!

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What is inner knowing? How do you know when you are using it? Is it a place, a feeling or both?

I had a funny and profound experience years ago in my Nia blue belt training with Carlos Rosas, one of the creators of Nia, on just this subject. He was guiding us through a movement experience that challenged us to become aware of the qualities of sensation, feeling, imagination and inspiration that were present in the realms of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. I raised my hand very seriously and asked “where do I exist before I enter these realms”?  In the very moment the question proceeded to come out of my mouth I realized that I did not have a relationship with my own “inner knowing”, where it lived or how to use it! With the loving guidance from Carlos I began my journey of recognizing, loving, listening and being in relationship to that inner space.

Some call it intuition while others call it inspiration, guidance or being home within themselves. If you are called to explore your “inner knowing” the first thing that you need is a map or a reference point so that you know how to recognize it when you are there. It is a space, an experience and an approach all in one. Once you become aware of it you will soon realize as I did that it has been with you your entire life!


I am happy to report that I have grown significantly since the encounter with Carlos and I continue to deepen in my ‘inner knowing” daily. The challenges that I face relate to breaking free from the norms that teach us to exist outside of ourselves. The illusion that the answers, the power, the love, the job, the money or the status will make me whole. I am realizing that most of us live on the edge of our bodies as we move through our lives. In life the sea of stress and obligations can very easily sway our focus from living with ease inside the core of who we are. It is like being on the surface of the ocean being tossed around by the cresting waves. In scuba diving they teach that the surface of the water is the most dangerous place to be.


I am excited to share a little exercise that has been very helpful for me in nurturing my relationship with my “inner knowing”.

You can do this anywhere, any time with whomever you are with as your “inner knowing” is always within you!

Find a space that is free of clutter and distraction. Take three deep breaths noticing the inhale and the exhale.  Send your focus to the outer layer of your being, the structure and shape of your body, your skin and how you relate to the space around you. What do you sense, feel, hear? Now travel inside to the innermost edge of your body. Can you feel or sense your core?

Begin to sense the essence that is interfacing with your core or innermost edge?  I call it life force, my spirit or the inner animator. Spend some time there and get acquainted with how it feels to be with your inner knowing. Ask questions, go for a walk/run/hike, write, come to Nia, dance by yourself, or draw while in this space. Start to notice it when you are in the world and rely upon it as your greatest friend!


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