Nia Focus ~ Cultivation of your Core

By On June 11, 2012 · Leave a Comment

This month’s Nia focus is centered on the Cultivation of your Core!

What thoughts and  images come to mind when you think of your “Core”?

Do you think of it just as muscles that are engaged to create the feeling of support for exercise & your posture?

Have you ever thought about the bodies center of gravity & how to access that?

Where is it?

How do you know when you are there?

This month in Nia we will be focusing on our relationship to the 3 body weights of the pelvis, chest & head and how to move our bodies with greater ease & efficiency from those places!

When we move from this awareness of body & mind we are aligned to the fluidity of our “Inner Core”, the center of dynamic strength, flexibility & vitality!


To try a Nia class at Pilates Studio City call our Front Desk or click here!


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