MEN! What do you want from your workouts? Pilates has it! I promise!

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Why do men think Pilates is for women? Don’t listen to my answer. Listen to a self-described meathead at Men’s Fitness: “Anyone who thinks Pilates is for girls, I realized, is working out for the wrong reasons.” I couldn’t have said it better Pilates for menmyself. (Click here for the entire article.)

So why do men work out? I wouldn’t dare to find all the possible answers to that question, including the wrong reasons mentioned above. But let’s list the right reasons:

To achieve some feat (a triathlon, weight-lifting, or maybe building muscle mass),

To perform (glide through that layup at the pickup game or sail through that golf game), and/or

To function (keep up with the kids, don’t tweak your back while lifting, survive the work day as well as the weekend warrior-ing).

All great goals, and Pilates contributes to accomplishing all of them! Here’s how:

The body best functions, performs, and achieves when each muscle has strength as well as its full range of motion (i.e., length) AND when your body knows how to coordinate and work as one unit, rather than as disconnected, individual parts.


Not many people (of both genders) enjoy taking the time to stretch, and even fewer enjoy the actual process and sensation of stretching. So why not stretch while you move and strengthen? In Pilates, while you are strengthening a muscle, you are asking it to find its full range of motion and hold the elongated contraction. As a result, your muscles will lengthen and strengthen simultaneously. You will be stretching without even knowing it!


Even the strongest army is useless without a commanding officer to organize it. So why should you strengthen your body, part-by-part, without training your muscles to work together? How can you expect better function with that approach? Incorporate Pilates into your workout (notice, I didn’t say replace) to find your commanding officer, the core! I like to think of the core as the hub of my muscle system. Connect and coordinate the strength you have already created (or, if you are just getting started, about to create) by adding Pilates to your regimen. Do whatever you are currently doing, just better and longer, with Pilates.

Speaking of Coordination…

Did you know Pilates was created by a man? A really strong man, accomplished athlete, boxer, and martial artist? It’s Joseph Pilatestrue. And he originally called his exercise program Contrology, which later came to be known by his last name, Pilates. Joseph Pilates taught his students (of both genders) to direct and control their movements and body, as opposed to the ‘bear-down and power-through’ method I see at gyms these days. Ask any accomplished athlete which method brings the best results and the least injuries, and therefore the best longevity…mind-body control or power through? Hone your control and mind-body connection with Pilates.

So whatever your goals for your physique, if they are the right ones, Pilates can help you achieve it. Come on, give it a try! We have male instructors and plenty of male clients, so you won’t be alone!

Already discovered how great Pilates is for your body?! Please, share in the comments below! Let your brethren know what they are missing out on! We’re offering great deals on classes during the week of June 19th for our male clients! Please inquire at the front desk for more information.

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