Healthy Travel Tips

By On June 21, 2012 · 1 Comment

With summer upon us, many are preparing for their summer travel plans—if they have not already left home to hit the open road. Though a welcomed interruption to monotony, our vacations can often wreak havoc on our workouts, diet, and sleep patterns. Do not despair; leaving home does not have to mean leaving behind your healthy routines. You can travel in style and in health while you see the sights and enjoy the summer weather.


First, you need to pack the right equipment. Resistance bands make the perfect portable gym. They are compact, light weight, and multi talented. Use them to both stretch and strengthen. Don’t forget your swimsuit, workout clothes and shoes, or your portable music player. You are more likely to successfully withstand the junk food traps at airports and rest stops if you have a few healthy snacks on hand, so throw a few into your travel bag.


While in route, wear comfortable shoes to make it easier to take advantage of opportunities to walk at rest stops and/or layovers. Traveling by plane, train, or automobile, get up and move as much as possible. Walk the length of the plane or train. Pull the car over and walk and stretch. While seated, do isometric exercises. Regain blood circulation to the bum by doing bootie clenches—engaging for five to 10 seconds and then releasing. Support and strengthen the spine by doing core exercises: Sit tall, away from the back of your seat. Take a deep breath in. As you exhale, engage the deep abdominal muscles to cinch the waistline, pulling the belly button to the spine without rounding the low back. Also, take advantage of the downtime to read up on healthy food stores, eateries, and restaurants in your destination city.


One of the biggest impediments to our healthy travels is jet lag. Nip it in the bud by getting plenty of sunshine, social activity, and regular healthy meals as soon as you arrive. Rather than collapsing in your room and napping or watching T.V., explore your destination with a 20-minute walk or jog. While exploring, keep an eye out for a Pilates studio or gym. Back at the hotel, ask the front desk if they offer access to a gym. Explore the hotel’s cable package for exercise channels or programs.


Being partial to Pilates myself, I recommend starting every day off with 10 minutes of floor exercises and/or stretches. However, vacations are also a great time to incorporate a wide array of fun physical activities. Go kayaking; rent a bicycle; hike to the city’s best vantage point.


However you choose to do it, keep the body moving as you travel this summer. Most importantly, travel safe and have fun.

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  • Denise Wakeman June 24, 2012 at 10:05 am · Reply

    Great tips. I have resistance bands but always seem to forget to bring them when I travel. I do like to walk a lot and do a run or two when I’m someplace new.

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