Free Yoga Classes this Week!

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Come try out Flow Yoga, Yoga and Yoga Stretch for free!


Flow Yoga

Flow Yoga is breath-synchronized movement! Each breath supports the transitions and the Yoga poses as they flow into each other like a dance. This challenge helps to increases flexibility, strengthen muscles, aid in better balance, improve posture and helps release unconscious muscle tension. It’s an AMAZING mind body experience!




This class is for anyone wanting to build an entry-level Yoga practice, take an intermediate practice to a new level, or even learn more advanced skills. Variations and modifications on each pose will be given for your level to allow you to grow and challenge your whole self in ways that might surprise you.


Yoga Stretch

Yoga Stretch utilizes the principles of deep stretching while using the breath to increase flexibility to relax and de-stress the body and mind. This class is a perfect solution to balancing your workouts and your workweek with the extra stretching that you need!


To sign up call our Front Desk or click here!

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