Pilates Studio City Plus Clients = Love!

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Your Pilates studio is the BEST I’ve been to.


It’s a warm and welcoming place, plus it is evident that the owners (Lora and Nicole) are interested in more than just making money; they have a real interest in the well-being of their clients, and they support outside causes as well.

The quality of instructors seems higher than any other place I have gone.


Affordable packages. Lora & Nicole as owners are great — I like supporting women in business! The studio also seems very community and charity oriented which is great.


PSC has a very personal touch! The staff is friendly plus informative, and really makes an effort to know the clients. There are a variety of classes offered, making it appealing for everyone to find something that suits them best.


All the additional events you have at your location to bring the community in and be supportive of other causes.


The professionalism throughout is outstanding.


Prices are fantastic for mat classes plus the instructors are knowledgeable and I love that there are so many different instructors, each with their unique perspective.


Online bookings, friendly service plus flexible classes.


Comfortable, warm, and inviting atmosphere, friendly staff and very inclusive to all walks of life.


Watch 70+ year old client Marlis, with her instructor Nancey, as she talks about her love for Pilates and PSC!


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