And the Argument for Movement and Moderate Activity Grows!

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Yes, I love to move! I love bringing the joy (not the burden) of movement to others! So often I find individuals feel that if they aren’t of the super-fit, accomplished-athlete, marathon-running sort, then they might as well not even bother. Such thinking can inhibit attempts to improve one’s health.

The benefits of movement, as it turns out, are much more attainable than many people think. And a few recent scientific studies have shown this to be true!

Two Minutes Per Hour

While sitting is indeed deadly, a recent study showed that simply adding two minutes per waking hour of light activity can decrease the risk of dying by 33%! This study was analyzing the benefit of light activity, not moderate or vigorous activity. Light activity includes walking, cleaning, or gardening.

While everyone is recommended to engage in moderate activity (break a sweat but can still converse) for 150 minutes a week, 80% of Americans do not do so. What can be more attainable and still deliver health benefits? Adding two minutes of light activity per waking hour.  So get out of that desk chair or off that couch and take a short walk to the garden!

Stepping It Up

Now that you have accomplished your two minutes per hour goal, what’s next? Another study focused on elderly men from 68 to 77 years of age. Whether participating in light or vigorous activity, those that completed 3 hours of exercise a week were 40% less likely to die.woman jumping outdoors

Once again, the intensity of the activity was not relevant, but the total time involved was significant. The life expectancy of the active individuals was 5 years longer than that of the sedentary. Enjoying an active life was as beneficial as smoking cessation according to the study. (Imagine if you do both: increase activity and give up smoking!!!)

Well, it’s official. The verdict is in: Movement of any sort, from light to moderate to vigorous activity, can improve your health and extend your life! So find the forms of movement you enjoy most, be it walking, gardening, or dancing, and sprinkled it throughout your day!

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