Tone Your Arms in Mat and Gyrokinesis Classes in June!

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Summer has arrived! And many a client has mentioned their mound of tank tops that will be showing off their arms. We have heard your request, and we are delivering! So join us in class this June for an arm-toning workout!


Beyond adorning a cute tank nicely, our arms serve as very functional equipment for life: they pick up surfboards and take us past the waves; they hold us upright on the bike for a long ride; and they help keep the legs pumping during our run or hike. And let’s not forget the computers and cars they operate and the bags they carry!


Spiral those arms in a gyro class!


So give back to those hard-working arms by building strength and improving function. In Pilates, we say that the arms belong to the back. Learn how to initiate arm movement from the deep, strong muscles of the back rather than the weak, overly used neck muscles. Use the arm to properly align the shoulder blade and collar bone, creating a structure of strength and flexibility that can meet all the demands of your summer of fun!


Here’s a tip to keep in mind for any arm workout: imagine a sandbag attached to a pulley system via the shoulder blade that moves the arm. Before the arm can lift, the sandbag must drop, taking the shoulder blade with it. Watch yourself in the mirror, and make sure your shoulders do not sneak into your ears as you move the arms. Maintain the space around your neck.


You may have to decrease the weight if you are not accustomed to engaging the shoulder blades in this manner, but the payoff will be worth it! You will stop bulking up and straining the neck, and you’ll begin to strengthen the deeper, bigger muscles of the back, which are far more functional and carry much more potential for strength!


Practice this and more in June in the group classes listed below! See you there!


Studio City

4pm Gyrokinesis with Lora
All month long!
11am Gyrokinesis with Nikki
All month long!
10am Nia with Nikki
All month long!
10am Level 1 Mat with Sue
All month long!

Porter Ranch

5pm Level 2 Mat with Jessi
June 9th and 30th
10am Level 1 Mat with Jenny
All month long!



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