Tips for Tired and Achy Feet!

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Yamuna Body Rolling instructor and Physical Therapist Nina Kaufman shares some quick tips to help tired and achy feet in the following video.

Nina teaches Yamuna Body Rolling Foot Fitness workshops regularly at Pilates Studio City. In these workshops she will teach you simple routines you can do at home or in the office to improve the function of your legs and feet. Learn how to prevent and/or work through plantar fasciitis, bunions and other common foot and ankle ailments.

Your feet are your connection to the ground. They must remain supple to absorb shock, yet strong to allow propulsion. Yet your feet are likely to be the most neglected part of your body, often remaining in shoes most of the day.

You will walk away from her foot fitness workshops knowing:
• What causes plantar fasciitis
• How bunions form and how to prevent them.
• How foot pain is sometimes a symptom of problems occurring in the lower leg, knee or hip
• How to safely work with Yamuna Foot Wakers to address your specific issues.
• How to prevent costly treatments due to foot dysfunction.

The next Foot Fitness workshop is being offered Sunday, August 26th, 2012 from 1-3pm at our Studio City location.

Call (818)509-0914 or visit for more info and/or to register!

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