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Authors of Pain-Free Posture Handbook

Have you noticed how many people are staring at cell phones these days? What about how much we are seated on a daily basis? Did you know that poor posture can cause chronic pains, migraines, and even fatigue? Good news, it can be resolved! For a VERY LIMITED time we are offering a free pass to the most talked about ONLINE health event of the year: The World Posture Summit.

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The Pain-Free Posture Handbook by Lora Pavilack and Nikki Alstedter

Have you ever wanted to take your Pilates instructor home with you so you could continue to sit right, move right, and feel great all day long? Now you can! My lovely mentors and Pilates Studio City owners, Lora Pavilack and Nikki Alstedter, have written a book designed to do just that: Pain-Free Posture Handbook. […]

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