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What is Redcord?

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push ups redcord

What is Redcord? Redcord is an exercise training technique developed in Norway in 1991. It focuses on gaining functional strength and ideal muscular body alignment by working the body from the “inside out.” Redcord works on the neuromuscular level to change ineffective movement habits and to establish stronger and more efficient muscular patterns. It is […]

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Have you noticed some new equipment at a few of our studios? These bright red cords that attach to the Cadillac—the Redcord system—bring a series of exercises that add variety to the Pilates moves we know and love and provide a unique window to possible weaknesses in our movements and habits. The Redcord system’s challenging and corrective exercises not only build strength, but reprogram the body to more efficiently access that strength. It teaches your body to function better.

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