Explore Redcord: A Challenging System of Movement and a Great Addition to Your Pilates Repertoire

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Redcord originated in Norway, where the name also carries the meaning of the common thread. This common thread Redcord complements Pilates training.can weave from physical rehabilitation to fitness to high performance, meeting the needs of those greatly compromised as well as those of the professional athlete. This may sound familiar since Pilates too can be shaped and molded to meet the needs of people across a wide spectrum. In fact, Redcord and Pilates seem to be a match made in heaven!

Like Pilates, Redcord grew from an inventive man trying to relieve some pain. A few decades ago a Norwegian sailor/carpenter put together some leftover parts and ropes from an old boat to traction his spine. He began trying out some exercises on his invention. These humble beginnings eventually grew to a system of kinetic chain testing and corrective exercises whose results and benefits have been well established by many scientific studies. And the best part is that it fits so nicely on Pilates’ very own Cadillac apparatus!

Though Redcord may resemble some other suspension-based exercises such as TRX, it is like nothing else! Its individually suspended ropes challenge the body unilaterally (one-sided) and in all three planes of movement. In addition, the Redcord system incorporates a precise method of advancing the exercises to find the perfect level of neuromuscular challenge for your unique body.

Neuromuscular Challenge: What Is It?

To move well, we all need more than strength. We need to successfully communicate with and direct the strength we have built. Where the nerves and muscles come together—the neuromuscular system of the body—is where truly Redcord helps you develop functional strength.beneficial and functional training takes place. Injuries of any size cause miscommunications to take place in this system. To overcome injury and to truly improve performance, we must do more than strengthen. We must reprogram the nerves and muscles of the body to fire the right muscles in the right order and with the right force to create the most optimal engagement.

With its high neuromuscular challenge, Redcord training reprograms the body and delivers instant results. It takes a minimum of 6 weeks to create any significant increase in strength. However, one Redcord session can deliver remarkable improvements to your body’s function by working on a neuromuscular level. For instance, in Redcord workshops I have seen one participant’s chronic neck pain completely disappear from one exercise and another participant’s one-armed suspended push-up go from impossible to well executed in 5 minutes.

Beyond my own eyewitness accounts, study after study has established Redcord as an effective means to improve neuromuscular control and develop functional, usable strength. These seemingly simple cords and pulleys will complement your Pilates workouts well!

Instructors Autumn, Melissa and Lora (at Studio City) and Jenny (at Porter Ranch) are available for Redcord training.

Questions about Redcord? Call the studio or write your question in the comments section below!

2 Responses

  • Phyllis Lovit January 28, 2014 at 3:16 pm · Reply

    When and where can I do this?

    • nalani February 3, 2014 at 10:32 am · Reply

      Hello Phyllis! We have a few Redcord instructors within our studios. You can schedule a private session with Jenny, Autumn, Melissa or Lora, just as you would a typical Pilates session. Call the front desk to book with one of these ladies and be sure to let them know you are specifically wanting to do Redcord! We look forward to you trying it and would love to hear about your experience with it!

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