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If you don’t know me, my name is Sarah Mann. I am one of the instructors at the PSC’s Studio City location. When I’m out of the studio, however, I run my own dance company… a pole dance company.

JAGGED Contemporary Pole Dance Company was started by my good friend, Jessica Anderson-Gwin (JAG), in 2009. I started as a company member on day 1, then became her co-director, and am now directing the California branch. JAG moved to Tennesse this past July, so JAGGED WEST (as it is now called) is now solely under my direction. Although I have been running JAGGED WEST alone for the past 10 months, I still find it crazy to think that I have my own dance company!

Over the last 2 years, filmmakers Matt and Katie Celia have been following JAGGED (mostly West, and now South) through our crazy journey.

They discovered us during our first full-length show, “When the Curtain Falls”, back in 2010 and approached us, asking if they could use us as the focus for their documentary. Previously, we were approached by another filmmaker, who never followed through, so we did not think anything of their request. However, we quickly came to realize that they were serious.

The Celias followed us through the encore performance of our first full length show “When the Curtain Falls”, through our participation on America’s Best Dance Crew (as Jag6ed), through the creation of our second full length show “Catalyst”, through America’s Got Talent auditions (both this year and last), and through the creation of our new sister company, JAGGED SOUTH. It has been a crazy journey!

This is a film that is near and dear to me. Every time I see clips from the film, I can’t help but smile and want to cry (all at the same time) out of pride for what JAG, myself, and the rest of the company has accomplished.

Please take a look at the clip and spread the world.

Thank you so much for your support.

JAGGED Website:

“Off the Floor: The Rise of Contemporary Pole Dance” website:

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