Franklin Method Coming in May!

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Sunday May 13, 2012 


5223 Laurel Canyon Blvd, Valley Village, CA 91607

Cost per Workshop $160 – Cost for Full Day $225



Franklin Method is a provocative and innovative study for everyone! It is the only movement education that introduces: focus on all applications of imagery, education of function based on evolutionary design, simplification of the complex to uncover the essence, an emphasis on learning by doing . . . AND–IT IS FUN!


9:30am – 12:45pm

Organ Dynamics for Flexibility, Alignment and Strength

The goal of imagery training for the organs is to maintain and improve their health and improve movement coordination, strength and agility. It is common knowledge that muscles and joints are important for movement. Organs, however, are often not considered part of training, they either function or do not function.

Many physical complaints and pains that seem to be located in muscles, joints and ligaments actually originate the organs. What is the nature of these dysfunctions? They can be physiological in origin and be caused be disease. Commonly, however, their origin due to an imbalance in the tone, movement and position of the organ within the body.

Organs are very autonomous in nature. Many of them can function quite well when taken out of the body. What function does a muscle have outside the body? The heart can actually be transplanted, the gut contains a very complex nervous systems that allows it to function autonomously (the enteric brain). But every organ is responsible for its position and tone within the body which it seeks to maintain. Just as most people have some misalignments (spine) and some imbalance in tone (muscles of the left and right body half), most people have some imbalances in the organs. This is why balancing the organs results in an increased sense of well being, better movement skills, improved alignment and a brighter mood.


Strong and Healthy Knees through Imagery

2:30pm – 5:45pm

The knee is the largest and most challenged joint we have. It is situated between the two longest bones in the body, which creates large forces within the knee as we walk, run or jump. Healthy, aligned knees deal efficiently with this situation. However, incorrect alignment and lack of proper training can cause the knees to become painful as ligaments, joints and muscles are strained.

This workshop focuses on imagery and movement exercises to create optimal health for your knees. In the course of the class we will learn to visualize efficient knee function based on its design. We can then integrate this experience of correct function into our daily activities and exercise programs, so that our knees remain healthy, strong and flexible for a lifetime.

• Gain insight in to the design and function of the knees. • Learn imagery to improve the health of your knees. • Experience how the function of the knees relates to your hips and feet. • Discover imagery that will make walking and running more efficient and pleasurable.


To sign up call 818-509-0914 or click here!

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