April is Stress Awareness Month: How Can Pilates Help You with Your Stress?

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heart pulseWhile none of us can escape stress completely, what can we do to better handle stress, in all its manifestations? How does Pilates help you cope with stress?

Stress can come from such a variety of sources in our lives, both internal and external. However, it is usually a result of things we cannot fix, speed up, or control. I have found Pilates to help me deal with my stress because Pilates is about focus and control—focusing on what I can control and then exerting that control to create better strength and alignment in my body. I leave a workout strengthened, empowered, and renewed, both emotionally and physically. I also have just spent an hour mentally and physically away from my stress. Yes, Pilates is definitely part of my anti-stress strategy. Is it part of yours? I hope so, and here’s why:

A basic tenet of Pilates is breath work. Breathing well and deeply; matching the lungs and breathbreath work to our movements; using the diaphragm to help engage and direct the muscular work: this is where Pilates begins. Pilates’ slow and controlled breathing tells your body to exit the “fight or flight” mode and to enter the “rest and digest” mode, otherwise known as the parasympathetic nervous system. So come to Pilates, follow the breath pattern, and let your mind and body find a reprieve from the effects of stress.

In what other ways does Pilates help you cope with stress? Well, I’m not an expert in stress or psychology, but a quick glance online for tips for coping with stress provided the following list:
• Make time for leisure and things you enjoy (daily if possible).
• Take care of yourself by eating right, exercising, and getting enough sleep.
• Reach out for support.
• Prioritize your tasks.
• Keep a sense of humor.

Pilates is an enjoyable and relaxing activity that will allow you to prioritize by taking care of yourself as part of a healthy community of movers. And if I do say so myself, I think my colleagues all have a great sense of humor. So keep up your workouts at Pilates Studio City to incorporate each of those stress-coping mechanisms. Breathe better and deeper and stand taller as you meet the challenges of your in movement

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  • nanz October 2, 2018 at 5:48 pm · Reply

    Pilates definitely has helped me to reduce my stress levels. I look forward to ending my day with Pilates so I can wash any stresses away before going home and off to bed.

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