15 Years of Memories, Smiles, and Teasers! Congratulations, Pilates Studio City!

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I have been a grateful client of Pilates Studio City for nearly its entire lifetime, and I have been a proud instructor for nearly 10 years. For most of those years instructing, I managed our Porter Ranch location, where I had the privilege of watching an amazing community of dedicated Pilates enthusiasts grow. I also began my career as a master trainer at Porter Ranch, and as a result I have been privileged to watch several classes of Pilates teacher trainers begin to hone a craft and launch a career that brings them joy and fulfillment. A few years ago, I returned to Pilates Studio City, with many from our Porter Ranch community in tow, to return to my roots and rejoin our Studio City–based Pilates community with great joy and appreciation that we had another Pilates home to welcome us. Since then I have had the privilege of training and working alongside a lot of new faces. There have been many changes, ups, and downs at Pilates Studio City during my tenure here, and I am so overjoyed to still be a part of this amazing studio and its community of dedicated movers. I came to this studio looking to improve my spine, and I have gained so much more!

Ten years ago, I came to Pilates Studio City’s 5-year anniversary party having just enrolled in its teacher training course (pictured to the left with fellow PSC client, Tammy). Yes, alongside Pilates Studio City, I am also celebrating a big anniversary—10 years of teaching! Let’s celebrate with memories shared by other teachers, staff, and clients:

JoAnn, client since 2010, answers what makes Pilates Studio City special to her:

I retired from my job as a television assistant director about 10 years ago. I was heavy and out of shape. I needed a form of exercise that I could really stick with and not get bored or not see results. I took my first couple of privates with Nancey (whose classes I still love) then started reformer classes, and I was off and running. I saw results after 10 sessions that were noticeable, e.g., energy and strength. Now 9 years later, I am just as inspired and motivated as when I began.

All of the instructors are dedicated and thoughtful. I couldn’t live without my Jumpboard class with Jana every Sunday. She is fantastic! Keiko, Nancey, Kristen, and Nalani keep me motivated and strong.

There is an atmosphere of acceptance and no judgement regardless of gender, size, or fitness level.

I value the wonderful community of women that make up this wonderful business. I appreciate all of you!

Bethany, client since 2011:

Happy Anniversary, Pilates Studio City! Thank you for providing a studio culture of incredibly knowledgeable teachers that continue to make classes challenging and fun for me! I am especially grateful for your help in keeping me healthy and strong through two pregnancies. Taking a class at your studio always leaves me feeling strong and positive even on my worst days. You have cultivated in me a love of Pilates that will last a lifetime.

Shoshana, former front desk associate and client since 2011, after moving out of state and beginning her Pilates teacher training:

Just finished my first day of reformer training, and wanted to say a huge thank you for providing me with such an amazing foundation in the principles of Pilates! I felt like I had the best knowledge in the group!

Anonymous, a client since 2005:

I resisted exercise and unnecessary physical activity for most of my life. I hated how I looked in workout clothes, hated sweating, and more than anything hated being reminded of something I wasn’t good at. However, when my sister and I began taking semi-private sessions at PSC, I discovered an exercise that I was good at and even more importantly, was good to/for me. I immediately felt the benefits in my neck, my posture, and my low back. I’ve been taking a variety of classes and private sessions at PSC ever since!

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  • Judy Davis April 25, 2019 at 12:01 pm · Reply

    Congratulations on your 15th Anniversary. I have been taking mat classes at PSC for about that long. Last October I needed surgery on my femur due to a fall. I believe all the classes I had taken were greatly responsible for my speedy recovery allowing me to resume all exercise classes by December. Thank you PSC. Judy Davis

    • nalani April 25, 2019 at 4:39 pm · Reply

      Thank you Judy! We are so glad to hear that Pilates helped you on your speedy recovery and we are so grateful to have you as a client!

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