Try our Belly Dance Class for Free!

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FREE Tuesday the 10th at 6:00 pm & Sunday the 15th at 11:00 am

Being a Belly Dancer has given me confidence, artistry and a passion for my life that I never dreamed possible!

Like many of the students who join me for class at Pilates Studio City, I started my dance journey with a weekly class at a local studio.  I fell in love with this dance and have spent the past several years working towards mastering its beautiful movements.

A Belly Dance class gives you a wonderful workout, low impact so it’s easy on the joints, and isolations which help tone and sculpt your abs, gluts and arms.  It also gives you freedom to explore all the beauty of your body, exploring its ability to move and to express emotions within music.

I absolutely love teaching this class!  It fills me with joy to see women of all ages, shapes and levels of dance ability come in and enjoy this movement.

I encourage and welcome anyone to come try a class!

Click here to see a video of PSC instructor Jennelah performing in a dance competition (Belly Dancer of the Universe Competition).  This is a good example of Egyptian-Style dance and gives students a chance to see this beautiful art form in action.

To sign up for one of the free classes this week call our front desk staff or click here!

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