Pilates Studios in Porter Ranch

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Without experiencing the instruction and quality at any particular studio, we cannot necessarily recommend it. But we do trust our amazing Porter Ranch clients as informed and educated consumers dedicated to better movement to find the studio that best fits your personal needs. Please peruse the list below as well as read a few of Jenny’s former blogs to learn how to find your perfect Pilates studio and how to transition successfully!

Read Jenny’s blog: Transitioning with Your Pilates Studio

Read Jenny’s blog: How to Find Your Perfect Pilates Studio

A small, boutique studio with 3 instructors that offers mainly private and semi-private appointments with a few weekly classes.

Offering a large class schedule, this studio also provides private and semi-private appointments in a boutique space.

This studio focuses on classical Pilates in private and semi-private appointments as well as mat classes.

Lisa Lebowski Pilates
A small studio offering private or small (max of 3) group workouts on the reformer.

Total Women Gym + Spa
Members of this gym have access to a private Pilates studio on the premises by appointment and via group classes.

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