Pilates Instructors: Growing and Developing at Every Stage

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Recently I have had the opportunity to speak with a few prospective Pilates teacher trainers. Having fallen madly in love with Pilates, these individuals—as soPilates community many (including yours truly) have done in the past—have decided to advance their knowledge in Pilates by becoming instructors. As a master trainer, I am invigorated and inspired by the special twinkle in the eyes of Pilates teacher trainers. Each year it is so exciting to see their joy of movement grow into a well-crafted skill and vocation.

At the same time that I am witnessing new teacher trainers begin their journey into becoming Pilates instructors, I have been able to see many of my former students—who are now my colleagues—find their stride, confidence, and comfort as instructors. It is a joy and privilege to work alongside these individuals that have studied and worked so hard to care for their growing clientele!

That leaves the longtime, experienced teachers, including myself and my colleagues that were teaching when I first began. In the last week alone no less than three of my experienced colleagues have expressed interest in taking a specific workshop, learning a new modality, or expanding their knowledge and practice in some other way. Not content to sit on their laurels, these teachers are motivated—and motivating—to continue to fine tune their teaching.

With nearly 10 years of teaching under my belt, I continue to be inspired by the many generations of teachers and teacher trainers I have seen begin, grow, and mature at Pilates Studio City—a thriving community of movers dedicated to their bodies, their knowledge, and their craft.

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