Nia Focus ~ ROOTS

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Delve into your roots- the roots that connect your body to your family, to the earth & to your desire to move & dance! Your dance will blossom most freely when it is grounded in your own fertile soil. Sense the souls of your feet and base of your pelvis and how they connect to the ground beneath you.

What do your human roots look like? Do they gnarl like an Oak tree in the earth, do they sway like sea weed plugged into the ocean floor or are they vibrant & electrical like a cord being plugged into a wall socket?

Take a moment to sense your roots, notice the support that they offer to your physical body, mood & mind.


This month we will focus on the roots in relationship to the Nia stances. The stances are supportive, stable places that allow the body to be grounded while it transitions through movements with clarity. When you take a “stance” on something it is a powerful position of support as you are grounded in the images, ideas and benefits of your authentic creative expression.

Enjoy the element of the stances in your everyday dance and cultivate the sensation of your roots!

“Whatever you have to say, leave the roots on, let them dangle in the dirt, just to make clear where they come from.”
– Charles Olson


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