Nia Focus ~ The “Big Idea”

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There was a story circulating around about a Ted talk that had been given by a brain scientist. The scientist started by saying that the brain has the ability to regenerate and to heal. The way in which this occurs however, was the controversy for a  scientist because it has to do with “Big Ideas” such as God a higher spiritual power, love, dreams and beliefs.
When each of us connects to our “Big Ideas” there is now scientific proof that not only do we regenerate our bodies and brains but we can change the world that we all live in together. How many of us have first hand experience of watching someone regain their sense of health through positive thoughts, healthy environments and the belief that they can heal and that what they are going through can help others?
 For most of us our “Big Ideas” are at rest in our hearts waiting for us to slow down enough to listen, sense and explore what fuels us individually and also as a collective human species.
Nia is an environment that nurtures the cultivation of our dreams by exploring the relationship we have to our bodies through movement to music and with each other! As we move we listen and dance with the dreams inspired to be realized.
Ideas become thoughts that become an experience that make it a reality. You may be saying to yourself I don’t have a “Big Idea” but the truth is you do!

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