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THRIVE for FIVE—5 Minutes, 5 MOVES to Empower and Refresh your Mind, Body and Spirit at Home, Work or on the Go!

As you start to commit to five minutes today, it will turn into five minutes tomorrow and then a week from now you will see that it isn’t that hard to carve out a mere FIVE minutes for YOU everyday!

In fact it will start to feel so good that you might just start taking FIVE a few times a day. Before you know it you will start to see and feel the results your heart desires. We believe in you!

Thrive for Five – Pilates Roll Up

A traditional Pilates mat exercise is called the roll-up, but this can be modified by bending the knees after getting into the standard position.

Thrive for Five- Exercise to tone your Buns

A Pilates exercise for the glutes involves lying down in the tabletop position and lifting the abdominals off of the mat.

Thrive for Five – Tone & Strengthen your Core With a Ball

An ab exercise in Pilates that utilizes a ball involves tucking the knees into the chest and reaching the ball up over the ankles. Work on coordination and strength while toning your abdominal muscles.

Thrive for Five – Stretch your Legs with a Resistance Band

The benefits of Pilates resistance bands include an emphasis on stretching and a variety of tensions. Learn how to use different resistance bands with help from Nichole & Lora.

Thrive for Five – Tone your Arms with a Resistance Band

Pilates-based band exercises to strengthen the arms involve wrapping the Pilates band around the feet and creating tension in the band. Learn about keeping the spine long when doing this exercise.

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