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One of the best things you can do for yourself is to move your body! Pilates and mindful movement just make you feel better—So, what are you waiting for?

We guarantee that Pilates and all the movement classes we offer at Pilates Studio City can help you with…

Keep the Spring in Your Spine this February!

Keep the Spring in Your Spine this February with one of our spine-focused mat classes! Learn proper posture and alignment for the optimal performance of your beautiful s-shaped spine.

Stretch with Lora & Enjoy a Hip Blog about Vino and Life!

Check out this super hip blog featuring Pilates Studio City co-owner Lora Anderson by clicking here. And start your day out right by doing a yummy stretch!

Pilates Gives Jerin Body Confidence

Meet Jerin! “Pilates gives me the body confidence I need at auditions! I love that doing Pilates feels like I just took a dance class.” To find out more visit

Carls Blood Pressure & Back Are Better – He Does Pilates!

Meet Carl! “I went to the doctor a few years ago because I wasn’t feeling good and  I found out that I had high blood pressure. So, I started Pilates and my blood pressure has dropped, I lost 20 pounds, and I feel better. My back and body do not hurt anymore and I look forward […]

Pilates can Change YOUR Life- Jana lost 80 pounds!

Meet Jana! “Pilates played a huge roll for me in losing 80 pounds, feeling better in my clothes, and changing my life completely. I love Pilates so much, I took the Teacher Training Course so I can share it with others! To find out more visit  

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