My Path to Greater Fulfillment and Joy: Our Pilates Teacher Training Program

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Pilates Teacher Training in Porter Ranch this Spring!In about a month, Pilates Studio–Porter Ranch will be hosting its first Teacher Training Program! It has been held at Studio City for nearly 10 years, and my co-teacher, Marcy McCusker, and I have decided to extend this wonderful program to Porter Ranch. Marcy and I are both graduates of the program and are excited to share it with other eager students!

I graduated from the program nearly 6 years ago under Pilates Studio City owners Lora Anderson and Nikki Alstedter. I immediately entered full-time work as a Pilates instructor after many and varied lines of work. And I quickly realized that I finally found my career and vocation. I have never found such fulfillment in any other line of work! My work as a Pilates instructor continues to challenge and inspire me. I have yet to tire of it.

Each year I see a new class of graduates complete the Studio City program, some of whom come work with me in Porter Ranch. I never tire of seeing their excitement and enthusiasm for their new-found role as an instructor. And I never tire of helping them find even greater fulfillment in their work with a few tips and guidance. It was this unexpected role as team leader that motivated me to move forward and become a Master Trainer for the Pilates Sports Center Teacher Training Program.

Six years ago I found a new level of fulfillment in helping my clients find greater joy and movement in their bodies. Since then I have helped my co-workers find greater joy in their work. And now I keenly look forward to guiding my students to discovering their own potential for fulfillment and joy in their bodies and work as they gain a greater understanding of the Pilates method in the upcoming teacher training program at Porter Ranch!


Pilates Studio City–Porter Ranch’s first Teacher Training Program

February 11, 2015 to May 29, 2015

Wednesday/Friday 12:30 to 4:30


Click here for more information and/or to download an application!

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  • Taylor June 30, 2015 at 4:07 pm · Reply

    Great training program.

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