getting started

Welcome to Pilates Studio City and congratulations on taking the first step towards Getting Started to a healthier you! We know how challenging it can be to start a new exercise program and we are here to support you on your journey. Please take a minute to read through our recommendation and FAQ’s section so that you are savvy with the scheduling options that you have to choose from. We look forward to meeting you!

To get started follow these three easy steps!

Our recommendations

Once you have taken your Initial Private session and you fall in love with Pilates, it is extremely valuable to continue at least once a week. That is why we offer the Intro Series package. This special is specifically for YOU as the new client to get the best “bang for your buck” while getting the personal attention that a private session offers.

It is important to take the time to learn the basics in the beginning so that you have a strong foundation to build on. You would never start in on an Ikea project in the middle of the directions, right! It is hard enough! By committing to your learning process in the beginning you will get the most out of your initial investment and will have more body control, awareness and versatility in scheduling all Group Reformer and Mat classes in the future.

Scheduling a standing session

Q: What is a Standing Session and how do I schedule it?

A standing session is an appointment that happens every week at the same time with the same teacher. This is a service that we offer to help you reserve the day, time and teacher that work best for you! It is the best way to make working out a priority by committing in advance to a positive routine. All you have to do is cancel 24 hours before your session or class if you can’t make it. The next week you will be back in the schedule like clockwork. Whenever you need to change it, we are here to assist you. We can help you schedule a standing and give you more details… just give us a buzz.

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